Lost time? Lost business opportunities!

In today’s fast-paced business world, chartering is no longer just a luxury.
You must seize business opportunities in the moment or risk losing to your competition.
Your precious time should be spent in the boardroom, not boarding area.

You can have it all, luxury, convenience, and speed.
You have the ideas, and we deliver the solutions.

Our agents can help you find the right solution for your travel needs, be it business or leisure.

  • Jet Icon
    Business jet charter example

    The high quality private room of a business jet will give you a luxury environment that will encourage creativity to be able to plan for the successful development of your business.

    Total Privacy is guaranteed in your unique Jet Boardroom giving you the opportunity to discuss highly confidential business information and strategies.
    You decide your flight itinerary depending on your important business or leisure requirements. Your time is valuable and your chartered business jet will be ready only for you.

  • Helicopter Icon
    Helicopter charter example

    It must be wonderful if your choice is helicopter charter on your memorial day.

    If you charter a Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation (SACC) helicopter on your memorial day, it will be a wonderful memory for your wedding anniversary or your partner’s birthday e.g.
    How about a trip flying around Mt. Fuji? SACC is the closest charter operating company to Mt. Fuji and their pilots will take you there in complete safety as they have complete understanding of the unique weather of Mt. Fuji and local knowledge. If your time is limited it is also a good business decision to charter a helicopter to Tokyo as it is only one hour flight from Shizuoka to Tokyo.