Business jet charter

The high quality private room of a business jet will give you a luxury environment that will encourage creativity to be able to plan for the successful development of your business.

Total Privacy is guaranteed in your unique Jet Boardroom giving you the opportunity to discuss highly confidential business information and strategies.
You decide your flight itinerary depending on your important business or leisure requirements. Your time is valuable and your chartered business jet will be ready only for you.

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Business jet charter example

  • Map between Tokyo and Fukuoka
  • From Kyushu Island to Tokyo vs. Shinkansen

    After a series of meetings in Fukuoka and Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu, your manager/s can take your private charter jet to Tokyo instead of travelling by Shinkansen. They are able to leave the same day of their meetings and arrive back in time for the important conference the very next morning. Because they are refreshed and rested they will also be able to obtain the board members approval for the sale and completion of their business.

    Photo of CESSNA C525A CJ2+