Aircraft hangar

FAE has an exceptional aircraft hangar that will keep your aircraft out of the wind and rain at Shizuoka Airport, the membrane structured ceiling does not exist in other local airports.

Hangar width 73m, depth 50m, height 17.5m and 3,600 ㎡ area. There is also a functional parts room, maintenance machine room, painting room, compressor room, oils storage room, battery room, office room, maintenance crew room and bathroom with toilet and shower.
Now two Cessna Citation CJ2+ owned by Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation (SACC) use our hangar as well as private business jets and helicopters. We provide maintenance, parts, repair and overhaul services at our hangar for E170/175 for Fuji Dream Airlines. In the future we will also offer other business aircraft maintenance. There is also a water drain for washing aircraft exteriors.

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